MetroTone are an awesome band from Warrington bringing you cool, acoustic vibes, ranging from all musical genres such as Pop, Soul, Dance classics, Rap, RnB along with original material.

To see them live, please visit the Live Gigs page and if you would like to book them for your live event, please get in touch via the contact page.  To keep up to date with Metrotone’s latest news, please like their page on Facebook.

Meet MetroTone

Kerry Sheree of Metrotone

Kerry Sheree lead singer and songwriter of MetroTone has been singing since the age of two, when she would burst in to a room full of people, and demand everyone watch her perform Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you‘.

As Kerry grew up in the 90’s, she was highly influenced by the quirky voices of Alanis Morrisette and Anastasia. Kerry also loved Oasis purely for Noel Gallagher’s amazing songwriting.

Kerry always participated in the school choirs and performed at almost every assembly and school production. At 18, Kate Nash came on the scene and Kerry fell in love with the uniqueness and rawness of Kate’s voice. This is when Kerry decided that she no longer wanted to sing how she was taught in vocal lessons and realised that music is about self expression…so why be fake?


Diz of Metrotone

Diz who plays guitar and sings vocals for Metrotone, never started out as a musician, in fact at the tender age of sixteen he applied for and got accepted into the army, foot-soldier, this was never to happen.

Nov 5th 1984 when sat round the annual bonfire, a friend came by carrying a guitar and such was this friends influence, Diz then spent the next four years working on the guitar, fine-tuning all the skills to be the guitarist he is today. Diz has been in many bands over the year; MCM, F/X, Prophecy, The Accused, but it was with a band called Truant that Diz started to develop his song writing. With appearances with; Cheap and Nasty, Dare, Truant, Diz toured UK and Europe until the band split in 1990.

Diz studied and achieved a Certificate Of Education, which lead him into teaching mainstream and private tuition on several instruments such as the guitar, piano, bass and vocal coaching. Diz then spent 3 years in a very popular local Northwest of England band called Grenade, a heavy rock covers band before forming DARKDAZE, an all-original heavy metal Gothic edged bluesy rock band, as the main songwriter, lead vocal, guitarist.

Oto of Metrotone

Oto Sukovsky bass player with MetroTone started, first as a guitarist, in the early 1980’s and realised early on that he was interested more in bass-lines.

Bass-lines fascinated him due to the melodic, harmonic, rhythmical and “state-building” function of bass. The interest eventually grew in passion and resulted in a professional career after graduating from the Prague Conservatory of Music. Oto played with excellent musicians and legendary bands all over Europe and his biography includes 26 MC / LP / CDs / DVDs.

Music has never been just a job for Oto. Music is a continual adventure of new discoveries and MetroTone is not only a wonderful musical discovery for Oto, but also a community of people he feels very good with.

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